'We could go bankrupt by 2019'

'We could go bankrupt by 2019'

By Zuraimi Abdullah

MALAYSIA will go bust by 2019 if it continues to accumulate debt at the current rate of 12 per cent a year, a minister said. To avoid the "Greek incident", Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Idris Jala said the subsidies given to various sectors must be rationalised.

"Our debt currently amounts to RM362 billion. We don't want to end up bankrupt like Greece with a debt of E 300 billion (RM1.2 trillion).

"If we continue to borrow money at the current rate, we will go bankrupt in 2019 with a debt of RM1,158 billion," said Idris, who is also the chief executive officer of the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu).
The government has made recommendations to increase prices of subsidised big ticket items such as fuel, gas, food and toll.

"The time for subsidy rationalisation is now. Otherwise, we have a time bomb on our hands," Idris remarked.

He said based on the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) data, Malaysia's subsidy spending as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) was a staggering 11 per cent between 2006 and last year.

This was almost three times more than non-OECD countries like the Philippines and 55 times more than Switzerland, an OECD country.

"Our subsidy bill is not sustainable, especially in light of the rising budget deficit and government debt (as a percentage of GDP).

"It is higher than Indonesia at 28 per cent and getting closer to the Philippines at 62 per cent," he highlighted.

Idris said studies by Bank Negara Malaysia showed that inflation should rise to four per cent from 2011 to 2013, before slowing at three per cent post-2013 under "a less subsidised" environment.

He also said 97 per cent of the subsidies are dispensed on a "blanket" basis.

"It is given to everyone regardless of income level, for example, subsidised primary, secondary and tertiary education, medical services, petrol, sugar and cooking oil, as well as welfare aid and susten ance allowance."

Saturday, May 29, 2010, 10.19 PM

Berita kali ni memang menggemparkan..kalau la betul2 Malaysia bankrupt..abis la camni...jadi JOM SIMPAN EMAS dari sekarang..setidak-tidaknya kita ade aset yg ikut harga pasaran dunia..masih kaya walaupun ekonomi meleset..

Takut betul kalau jadi hyperinflasi..macam negara2 lain yang penah saya ceritakan dalam artikel sebelum ini..


Sayangilah Diri, Keluarga, Agama, Bangsa dan Negara anda..

Kuok kekal terkaya di Malaysia


Anda kenal mereka-mereka ini??Ha...diorg ni la individu terkaya di Malaysia..tgk je la brape nilai kekayaan yang diorg smua ni ade??ni masa tahun 2007..


Meshio.com - Malaysia Personal Finance blog Buy Malaysia Travel Insurance Online at InsuranceOnline.my

tapi semalam, kluar lagi berita mengenai diorg semua ni..wow..anda bleh tgk le..semakin lama semakin bertambah nilai kekayaan diorg..fuhh best betul..

tapi macamana dengan kita??hehe..semakin hari poket makin kosong?atau semakin penuh berisi? jom kita baca petikan berita dari kosmo semalam..28 Mei 2010

SINGAPURA - 40 individu Malaysia memiliki kekayaan bernilai AS$51 bilion (RM167.9 bilion) iaitu peningkatan sebanyak AS$$36 billion (RM118.58 bilion) berbanding tahun lalu dan AS$46 bilion (RM151.52 bilion) yang direkodkan pada tahun 2008.
Menurut senarai individu terkaya Malaysia oleh Forbes Asia, kombinasi kekayaan individu berkenaan telah meningkat sebanyak 42 peratus bersandarkan kepada penjanaan daripada perkembangan ekonomi yang semakin baik.

Peningkatan keseluruhan itu adalah sejajar dengan peningkatan sebanyak 32 peratus Indeks Komposit Kuala Lumpur dan pengukuhan ringgit berbanding dolar Amerika sebanyak 11 peratus sejak 12 bulan lalu.
Mengekalkan kedudukan sejak tahun 2006 dalam menerajui senarai itu ialah Tan Sri Robert Kuok.
Menurut Forbes, Kuok yang berusia 86 tahun itu memiliki peningkatan kekayaan kepada AS$12 bilion (RM39.52 bilion) dengan kenaikan sebanyak AS$3 bilion (RM9.88 bilion) pada tahun lalu. 
Taikun telekomunikasi, Ananda Krishnan pula menduduki tempat kedua dengan kekayaan sebanyak AS$8.1 bilion (RM26.68 bilion) dengan peningkatan sebanyak AS$1.1 bilion (RM3.62 bilion) tahun sebelumnya.
Tempat ketiga dalam senarai tersebut ialah Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng dengan AS$4.6 bilion (RM15.15 bilion), peningkatan berbanding AS$3.2 billion (RM10.54 bilion) pada tahun 2009.

Jadi..saya harap sangat kita semua ade perancangan untuk berjaya macam diorg..kalau x tersenarai macam diorg ni pon at least kita punya aset boleh menampung anak2 cucu kita nanti..kan bes..tapi..jangan lupa..bila da kaya..jangan la lupa bayar Zakat pulak ;)

Kata kunci yang saya nak cakap kat sini:

Emas adalah Aset..Aset adalah sumber Kewangan..Xde duit jual Aset dapat duit..hehe..renung2kanlah..

Why Gold is a Good Investment

You might think why should I invest in gold, it doesn't pay me an interest, it's not backed by the government such as US bonds and it's subjected to wild volatility. Oh! By the way it's at an all time high!

Some people I talk to wonder if they've missed the boat in gold. They fear they've waited too long to buy gold stocks or there hasn't been a significant pullback in price to enter. When you look at the grand scheme of things, buying at these levels will be so insignificant 2-5 years ahead; gold is in a secular bull market. Buying gold as an investment for the purpose to preserve your wealth for what is too come is wise. Trading gold to make quick profits is not worth the stress; leave it up to the professional traders. I strongly believe the greatest wealth shift will happen in the coming years.

It's not too late to buy gold; ask your friends and family about gold as an investment, more likely they are not interested or they don't know about it. This is the way you want it, when the masses are not looking you are accumulating. There will be at some point in time where everyone will be talking about gold, your friends, family your neighbor even the taxi driver; it would be a mad frenzy to buy the golden relic. By that time you will know it's time to sell out. At the moment we are still far from that euphoric phase.

Why invest?

• The U.S. dollar - Since July 2001, the US dollar has plummeted as much as 36 percent against other major world currencies, and there's plenty of room for the dollar to keep falling. The massive U.S. government debt of $12.5 trillion, bailout commitments and guarantees from the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve equaling almost $13 trillion, a massive spending budget of $3.8 trillion and other government financial obligations is going to help push the dollar even further down the slope. Since gold is priced in dollars, as the dollar goes down, gold usually goes up.

• Gold in financial products - As the global financial crisis has worsened, investors have fled to the safe-haven of gold. In 2008, 320.9 metric tons of gold flowed into Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), a 27 percent increase over a year earlier. ETFs continued to grow in 2009 as investors bought a record 594.7 metric tons, an 85 percent increase over '08. As of October 2009, the total holding in ETFs was 1,750 metric tons, worth more than $48.6 billion. ETFs and similar products are now listed in exchanges in 12 countries.

• Gold in China and India - In 2007, China overtook the United States as the second-largest gold consumer in the world. Consumer demand reached 427.5 tons in 2009 - nine percent higher than 2008. China consumes more gold than it produces - this couldn't be more bullish for gold. The World Gold Council (WGC) forecasts that gold consumption in China could double in the coming decade as a result of rising demand for jewelry, hard-asset investments and industrial uses. China has reported it's boosted its gold reserves by 76 percent to 1,054 metric tons, becoming the world's fifth-largest holder of gold.
India's central bank recently purchased 200 tons of gold for $6.7 billion! India is the world's largest consumer of gold in tonnage terms, accounting for about 23 percent of global gold jewelry demand and about 11 percent of global net retail investment (gold bars and coins).

• Gold supplies are shrinking - The U.S. Geological Survey - a division of the Department of the Interior - recently announced that there are now fewer than 50,000 tons of proven gold reserves left in the ground worldwide that the world will run out of in-ground supplies of gold within 20 years. South Africa and Australia had the steepest production declines. South Africa's production dropping to its lowest level in 86 years, while Australia's gold production hit 19-year lows. And mine production has the potential to fall even further as the credit crisis continues to impact mining companies.

How to invest in gold?

• Investing in gold producing companies - Buying a gold producer on the stock exchange will give you exposure to rising gold prices as well as any upside in the specific company. The downside to investing directly the company specific risk the gold producer may underperform the gold price for many reasons, so do your homework!

• Investing in an ETF - Investors can gain direct exposure to the price of gold bullion by investing in a gold exchange traded fund ie. GLD - SPDR Gold Trust listed on the NY stock exchange. Buying an ETF is like buying any other share. They offer liquidity since they are easily traded on the stock market.

• Invest In Gold Bullion or Coins - You can also invest in gold by buying gold directly from gold bullion dealers. Gold can be bought in a variety of forms including different sized gold bars and coins. Dealers will normally buy at the spot price then charge a commission plus a delivery fee, but there are a few different variations. Unless you want to want to actually be able to see and touch the gold, ETF's are probably a better option as they will give you the same exposure to the gold price but you don't need to worry about storage and handling.

Gold is a real asset, relative stability and enhanced safety in the worst of times - like we have now with the financial crisis that's engulfed the world and the massive, unprecedented sovereign debt crisis that is going to shake the globe to the core it's more reason to have gold in your portfolio.

Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Why-Gold-is-a-Good-Investment&id=4275201

Mesin keluar kepingan emas


jom kita jenguk2 keratan akhbar kosmo ni..

14 Mei 2010..

SEORANG lelaki mencuba mesin yang mengeluarkan kepingan emas di Hotel Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi kelmarin.

DUBAI - Sebuah hotel mewah di Emiriyah Arab Bersatu (UAE) memasang sebuah mesin yang mengeluarkan kepingan emas tulen.
Mesin itu diletakkan di bawah siling di Hotel Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi yang merupakan tempat golongan diraja dan bilionair menginap.

KEPINGAN emas yang dikeluarkan mesin di Hotel Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi.

"Sebab utama kami memilih hotel ini kerana ia sesuai dengan keadaan sekeliling hotel berkenaan," kata seorang usahawan Jerman, Thomas Geissler yang mencipta jenama emas Gold to Go untuk mesin berkenaan.
Bahagian luar mesin tersebut disalut dengan lapisan emas dan mesin itu menawarkan 320 barangan untuk pelanggan seperti kepingan emas seberat 10 gram dan syiling emas. - Reuters

wow...kalau la dapat sebijik camni kat umah..ehhehe bestnyeeeeeeeeeee...

Seminar Emas -- PERCUMA

Assalamualaikum semua...

Sarawak Cultural Village

Kali ni saya cuma nak update sket pasal seminar..
Ramai juga yang bertanya bila nak wat seminar kat Sarawak??bila nak wat seminar kat Sabah??Tak teringin ke nak wat kat sana??haaa...
Atas permintaan ramai anda smua..so kali ni Public Gold berbesar hati akan mengadakan seminar pelaburan emas di sana....

Sepilok, Sandakan Sabah

Jom kita tengok jadual seminar kat bawah ni..

Jadi kepada anda yang berminat, boleh la hubungi saya. Untuk tempah tempat duduk..
biasa la..bila jarang2 sekali pergi wat seminar kat sabah sarawak biasanya tempat duduk tu mesti full..so kena tempah awal2 ok...

Agak2 nak bercuti kat sunway lagoon ha..buleh la pergi seminar kat bandar sunway...ehehe..buleh minum sambil menyelam..tp jgn minum air kat sunway lagoon tu dah la..haha

Orang-orang kawasan selatan, jangan risau, ada gak seminar untuk anda semua di Johor Bharu..hanya perlu hubungi saya 012-5853035 (Amir) untuk tempahan tempat duduk! Masuk adalah PERCUMA...ilmu FREE tu...p dengar je...x semestinya kena join..

Sebab ramami yang salah anggap..kalau p dengar seminar ni mesti kena join jadi AGEN..actually x perlu..anda p dengar dulu seminar..lepas tu balik umah fikir betul2..fikir baik buruk..nak second opinion buleh email saya di inspirasiemas@gmail.com saya sedia membantu...jadi lah pengguna yang bijak sama macam kawan2 anda yang lain..yang dah banyak kali tanya saya soalan2.. :) saya pasti akan reply soalan2 anda tu..

ok sampai kat sini dulu..Assalamualaikum..

Syarikat dipercayai ambil deposit haram kena serbu


Haish..entah ni kali yang ke berapa tah..Kan ke da cakap..jangan masuk SKIM..sabaq2 la sat..smua orang nak kaya..saya pon nak kaya..tapi jgn la ambik jalan mudah nak kaya..SKIM ni..tiap2 bulan akan dijanjikan pulangan..tapi sampai bila?kan ke elok kalau kita beli emas..then tunggu je harga emas tu naik..pastu baru jual emas tu..bukan ke tu pun bentuk pelaburan yang bijak? Bukan la niat saya nak marah kat orang yang join SKIM ni..tapi..saya kesian je..baru nak mula kaya tapi dah sangkut..sebab ape?sebab syarikat tu ambik DEPOSIT secara haram..haduh..Saya berharap sangat kepada pelabur-pelabur emas..atau pelabur2 yang lain..jgn libatkan diri dlm SKIM cepat kaya..takut cepat KAYAP je..huhu..

Allah da janjikan rezeki kepada kita kalau kita rajin berusaha..jadi USAHA kan TANGGA KEJAYAAN..cuma lambat atau cepat je..tapi perlulah dari jalan yang betul..

 Jom kita baca..ape la pulak yang berlaku kali ni...Zaassss..

Gambar hiasan

KUALA LUMPUR: Bank Negara menyerbu pejabat The Gold Label Sdn Bhd, di sini, sebuah syarikat yang dipercayai mengambil deposit secara haram berjumlah berjuta ringgit membabitkan pelaburan emas dengan dijanjikan pulangan yang tinggi.

Difahamkan, serbuan yang dilakukan kelmarin, dibuat susulan beberapa aduan dan pertanyaan orang ramai mengenai kesahihan syarikat itu yang menjanjikan pulangan pelaburan 2.5 peratus sebulan atau 30 peratus setahun. 

“Difahamkan syarikat itu menerusi ejennya menawarkan pelabur membeli emas dan mendapat rebat 2.5 peratus. Selagi pelabur menyimpan emas dan kontrak, dia akan mendapat 2.5 peratus pulangan setiap bulan. Bagi mendapatkan pulangan itu pada bulan seterusnya, pelabur dikehendaki menunjukkan emas dan memperbaharui kontrak,” kata sumber berkenaan. 

Bank Negara dalam kenyataannya semalam pula memaklumkan pihaknya sedang menjalankan siasatan terhadap syarikat yang berpangkalan di Mid Valley itu kerana disyaki menjalankan aktiviti pengambilan deposit tanpa lesen dan pengubahan wang haram.

Siasatan dibuat mengikut seksyen 25(1) Akta Bank dan Institusi-institusi Kewangan 1989 serta Seksyen 4(1) Akta Pencegahan Pengubahan Wang Haram dan Pencegahan Pembiayaan Keganasan 2001 (AMLATFA).

“Serbuan dilakukan di pejabat The Gold Label Sdn Bhd di premisnya di Northpoint Offices, Tower A, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur. Sejumlah aset dan dokumen syarikat berkenaan dirampas untuk tujuan penyiasatan,” kata kenyataan itu.

Serbuan terhadap syarikat itu adalah yang ketiga tahun ini selepas Dencomm Sales & Services Sdn Bhd dan Semangat Teknologi Gagah Sdn Bhd pada 21 April kerana disyaki melakukan kesalahan sama. 

Sehubungan itu, Bank Negara mengingatkan orang ramai supaya mengelak daripada mendepositkan wang mereka dengan syarikat tidak berlesen. Orang ramai boleh menyemak senarai institusi berlesen yang dibenarkan mengambil deposit menerusi laman web www.bnm.gov.my dan laman web Amaran Penipuan Kewangan di http://fraudalert.bnm.gov.my.

Baru-baru ini, Berita Harian mendedahkan 150,000 pelabur menanggung kerugian lebih RM300 juta kerana sikap tamak mereka mendapat ‘wang besar’ dengan menyertai skim cepat kaya atau skim pelaburan haram di seluruh negara sejak tahun lalu.

Sejak Januari tahun lalu, sembilan kertas siasatan dibuka untuk menyiasat aktiviti pengambilan deposit tanpa lesen mengikut Akta Bank dan Institusi Kewangan dan Akta Pencegahan Pengubahan Wang Haram.

Dalam tempoh sama, empat syarikat dan mereka yang disyaki mengendalikan aktiviti skim cepat kaya dihadapkan ke mahkamah. Syarikat berkenaan adalah Gemilang Mirza Sdn Bhd, Noradz Travel & Services Sdn Bhd, Buluhmas Enterprise Sdn Bhd dan Eastana Farm Industries Sdn Bhd. 

Jadi??Camne ni...huhuhu..saya tau..dalam keadaan ekonomi yang x menentu ni mmg ramai yang nak cepat kaya..perlukan duit segera..tapi BERINGAT la..nasihat saya..x kisah la anda semua nak join ape ape bentuk bisnes pon..saya nasihatkan..survey dulu..kaji dulu..baru join satu satu bisnes tu..smua bisnes akan cakap benda yang UNTUNG saje..bagi kita kelabu mata..bagi kita rasa terawang2 macam JUTAWAN. tapi betul ke ape yg dikata tu?Jadi, tanya la orang2 berkecuali..ape baik buruk sesuatu biz tu sebelum join ape2 biz pon..ok?InsyaAllah..Kalau diizinkan Allah..usaha+tawakal=rezeki+berjaya..Aminnn..

Kijang Emas

Assalamualaikum semua, rasanya macam dah setahun saya x tulis blog..hehe..maklum la dah semakin bz sekarang ni. Tapi Alhamdulillah, walaupun bz, sempat lagi saya reply smua soklan2 yang terdapat dlm emel, sms, dan ruangan sembang.

Seperti yang kita semua tau, emas ni merupakan salah satu "aset" yang sangat bernilai/berharga. Tanya je la sape pon..mesti diorg akan kata EMAS mmg sangat bernilai! sangat berharga! betul tak?

Yang bestnya, emas ni x besar mana pon, jadi mudah dibawa kemana2..x macam duit, ok saya bagi satu contoh, katakan kita ade duit RM130,000 cash yang mana nilainya lebih kurang sama dengan nilai emas 1 kilogram...yang mana lagi senang nak bawak?nak bawak RM130,000 cash yang berkepal-kepal tu ke atau nak bawak emas 1kg lebih kurang sama macam berat sekilo gula..hehehe..

Di Malaysia ni, macam-macam emas ade di jual, ade barang kemas la..pamp suisse la, public gold, public dinar, UOB, kijang emas dan lain2..banyak betul..macam2 jenis..

Ok, topic blog kali ni saya nak bincangkan pasal emas kijang emas. Ramai juga yang bertanya soalan pasal kijang emas ni. Jadi, saya nak tulis blog sebagai panduan semua yang masih baru dalam DUNIA EMAS..dan saya juga nak ucapkan SELAMAT DATANG kepada anda semua..hehehe Welcome to da Club!

Ok, Apa sebenarnya kijang emas ni???Haa..jom kita terjah!


1 Troy ounce
Kijang Emas RM200
Face value: RM200
Gold Purity: 99.99%
Standard weight: 31.105g
Diameter: 37.00 mm

1/2 Troy ounces 1/4 Troy ounces
Kijang Emas RM100 Kijang Emas RM50
Face value: RM100
Gold Purity: 99.99%
Standard weight: 15.550g
Diameter: 28.00 mm
Face value: RM50
Gold Purity: 99.99%
Standard weight: 7.780g
Diameter: 22.00 mm

The purchase and reselling price of Kijang Emas is determined by the prevailing international gold market price. The daily market price is posted on the BNM web site.
The Kijang Emas is minted by the Royal Mint of Malaysia and distributed by Maybank Berhad, which will also entertain further enquiries.


  1. Menarik - Kalau kita tengok emas Kijang Emas ni, agak cantik dan menarik saya pun suka ngan syiling kijang emas ni.
  2.  Harga - harga emas boleh di pantau di website Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)  http://www.bnm.gov.my/index.php?ch=12&pg=141
  1. Calar - Syiling kijang emas ni kalau calar diorang x nak beli semula emas kita tu. So kena la jaga betul-betul.
  2. Harga - tak boleh lock harga, contoh kalau kita tengok harga kat website tengah murah, kita x boleh call Maybank dan kata kita nak beli emas mengikut harga yang sedang tertera di website BNM, jadi, kalau tengah-tengah malam kita nak lock harga emas tersebut memang x di LAYAN..
  3. Stok - selalu tiada stok/susah nak dapat stok. Jadi bila harga emas tengah murah agak susah untuk kita dapatkan stok.
  4. Cawangan- diedarkan hanya di 30 cawangan Maybank terpilih di seluruh Malaysia

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